AJS 18CS Build – 2016 – Part 2

OK, so the frame and engine came together and the first thing to do was make the engine mounts to mount the engine and gearbox in the frame.

Main Engine Plates being cut
Front engine plates cut and polished ready to install

A nifty trick I used to get the holes lined up perfectly was once the plates had been rough cut, I glued them together with Araldite. I then cut them out accurately and drilled the holes with my pillar drill. When everything was done, I simply heated the plates with a blow torch and they fell apart. A little polish and the were ready to go in.

I needed to start making it look like a trials bike. I spoke to Gerry Minshall about the yokes, wheels etc. Gerry was fantastic, his attention to detail is second to none. I explained to Gerry that I wanted to get rid of the original ball and cup headset bearings and ideally go for needle rollers. Gerry, well I don’t know quite how he managed it but he made new cups and successfully converted the headset tube and fitted needle rollers. It looks fantastic, works a treat and needed no cutting or welding.

Headset and forks in place


In order to get the wheels in and lined up I needed to Purchase the forks and rear shocks. I had Magicals on my Matchless but didn’t think they worked well enough to warrant the expensive price. I admired the look, function, simplicity and price of Rockshocks, so gave Gary Fleckney a call who had a set sent straight to Gerry within a couple of days. Forks came directly from REH. I am really happy with both front and rear suspension. It performs really well and I can recommend them to anybody.

The bike was starting to come together. I Purchased a Burman GB52 gearbox shell off ebay and bought new gears and a NEB clutch from Mick Ash. I think the trickiest part of the build was trying to get the pulley and belt all lined up and installed.

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