AJS 18CS Build – 2016 – Part 3

Once the pulley was lined up, we had a chance to start pulling together the electrics. I got offered a refurbished PAL magneto and after spending some time thinking about whether to go down the electronic route, I opted for sticking with a analogue solution (at least for a start).

Ignition pulley installed

We got it mounted and fitted a second (smaller) belt and pulley system to the ignition side of the bike. This work was done by Mark Francis over in Lincoln. Mark knows a thing or too about building bikes and has a passion for AMC machines. He has been the main man on the build of my bike and also on the major servicing on my Matchless.

The bike was starting to come together but I still had a long way to go before it was ready for the Pre65 Scottish in April.  I started to think about the tin work.

I knew how I wanted it to look, I have always admired the look and style of a Brough Superior and wanted to take some of the styling tips from the Brough. I started by taking paper cutouts of the tank and placing them on a photo of the rolling chassis of the bike. Once I had the look I wanted I took them off to the panel beater to get the tank made. I had the tank, seat and exhaust modified by Specialised products in Lincolnshire. He did a great job, but, too be honest, was too expensive. The tank, seat and exhaust modification came out at £1050.00, which came as a surprise as the tank I had made by him cost me £450.00 and whilst I could see more work had been done and the quality was fantastic, I found it difficult to see why the costs had come out so much higher. Anyway, with minimal quibble I handed over the cash and commenced pulling the final parts of the bike together.